Surgery Post Op Instructions


A. For the rest of today only, place an ice pack over the surgical area, on face for 15 minutes, o face for 15 minutes until bedtime.

B. Do not be alarmed if swelling occurs and lasts as long as a week. Swelling is normal and is part of the healing process.

C. If you develop a fever, call our office.

D. If antibiotics were prescribed, be certain to finish taking all of them.


Take pain tablets as needed, according to instructions. Discomfort should be minimal by tomorrow and can usually be controlled with 3-4 ibuprofen every 6-8 hours.

3. FOOD:

Light diet suggested. Chew on the opposite side of the mouth. Avoid gritty foods (such as peanuts, chips, toast) so as not to damage the sutured area. Proper nutrition must be maintained.

4. If you are a smoker, refrain from smoking for 2 weeks as smoking will delay the healing process.

5. Do not raise lip to inspect surgical site.

6.  Do not brush teeth near operated area. Brush the remaining areas of your mouth normally to maintain a clean mouth to promote rapid healing.


Starting TOMORROW, use the Chlorhexadine Gluconate mouthrinse (Peridex) twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night after your meal. Brush your teeth after your meal. Rinse with 1-2 TBSP for 60 seconds then spit out. Do not eat or drink for 30-60 minutes afterward.

8. If any unusual problems arise, please call our oce at Sacramento Phone Number 916-441-2366.